More than 1,000 people attended the Delta Men’s Association Wild Game Supper Saturday night.

The annual supper has raised more than $1 million for Arkansas Children’s Hospital, according to Dale Scrivner, vice president of the Delta Men’s Association.

Scrivner said people come from all over to help make the fundraiser successful.

“We have people come from New Orleans, North Arkansas, Mississippi, Dallas, Texas and all over the State of Arkansas to help cook 66 deer, 100 rabbits, 300 geese, 200 ducks, 50 coons and a 12 foot alligator,” Scrivner said. “The John 3:16 Ministry also helps each year.”

The supper began decades ago after four men hosted an appreciation dinner for those who rescued them following a duck hunting trip.

The Delta Men’s Association tells the story of the rescue on their web site:

One cold winter day four men went duck hunting in the old Mississippi River at Buck Shot Hunting Club in southeast Arkansas. They landed on an island with a little lake on it and duck hunted most of the day.


By evening it started snowing and they started back home and before they knew it the boat capsized. Two of the men drifted to a log pile and the other two were separated from the others. Once they got to land they had to round up people to go look for the other two. By this time the men had been in the water over two hours. They were finally rescued and went back to the Rankin farm shop and built a fire where everyone could get warm. A week later they hosted an appreciation dinner for everyone involved in the rescue.

From that point on, that group of men would gather once a year cooking of all kinds of wild game for a big supper. It continued for a few years with the crowd getting bigger and bigger. Eventually, they decided to create an organization and donate the proceeds to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital so that they could help children in need.