A Wilmar man was arrested Wednesday night after he allegedly fired gunshots around a home his wife was visiting and trying to stab the homeowner and his wife before grabbing his wife by the throat and slamming her head against a wall and choking her.

Jeremy Carter, 42, of Wilmar, is facing five felony charges and a misdemeanor.

Around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Angela Ridgell heard gunshots outside her Wilmar home. The gunshots seemed to be getting closer and closer, the last one right outside her living room window. She got a knife and went to the front door where Carter was trying to break in, according to information Ridgell provided to Drew County Deputy Jeremy Chapman.

While arguing at the front door about his alleged shooting, Ridgell said Carter grabbed her hair and threw her to the ground, He then got on top of her, wrestled the knife from her and attempted to stab her. She had a small cut on her right hand below her index finger, according to a narrative in Chapman’s report.

When Chapman arrived at the residence, Carter’s wife, Christie Carter, was inside the house crying and refused to exit the bathroom until Chapman assured her that Carter was not there.

Once she exited the bathroom, she told Chapman that while visiting Ridgell, Carter called her phone and left a voicemail, yelling at her. She said she sent him a text message and a few minutes later heard gunshots and Carter trying to break in the house.

When she went to the door, she said, she saw Carter on top of Ridgell. She said she yelled at him to get off of Ridgell and he ran toward her, stabbing the door as she closed it.

She then ran to a bedroom, she said. Carter followed. She said he grabbed her throat, slammed her head against a wall, and choked her while trying to get keys from her, according to Chapman’s narrative.

Chapman, Drew County Sheriff Mark Gober, Lt. Tim Nichols and Robin Hood subsequently located Carter at a residence on Carter Road.

He had several cuts on his right hand and the right side of his face.

Asked if he had been at Ridgell’s residence, Carter reportedly said, “Yes, that girl tried to stab (me).”

He initially denied having a gun but later told Chapman he threw a gun in a nearby pond, according to Chapman’s report.

Carter was arrested and faces five felony charges and one misdemeanor: two counts of aggravated assault, and one count each of residential burglary, domestic battery, terroristic threatening and criminal trespassing.