Bobby Theus, Jr.

Bobby Theus, Jr.

A man arrested earlier this year for allegedly raping and keeping a woman tied in Wilmar for two days claims it was all a part of consensual sex games but pleaded guilty Monday to second-degree sexual assault.

The woman told Drew County Sheriff’s investigators that 37-year-old Bobby Theus Jr. picked her up in Pine Bluff on February 25 and drove to a Wilmar residence on South 8th Street with the understanding that he would drive her back to Pine Bluff later that evening.

Theus did not drive the woman back to Pine Bluff. Instead, she says he raped her and kept her tied in Wilmar for two days, according to a news release issued by the Drew County Sheriff’s Office after the February incident.

She claimed he kept her at the South 8th Street residence until the evening hours of February 27, when he reportedly took her to an abandoned mobile home near Wilmar where she says he raped her then tied her to a sofa to prevent her from leaving while he went to a grocery store and purchased twine, duct tape and food. When he returned, she says he took her back to the South 8th Street residence where he again raped and tied her, according to the news release.

She says escaped on February 28 when Theus went into another room and closed the door. She said she managed loosen the twine binding her hands and cut the rope from her legs. Once she was free of the bindings, she fled the home wearing only undergarments and twine still tied around one wrist. She flagged down a passing motorist who took the woman the her residence and called police.

Theus, however, said the incident was a part of “kinky” consensual sex.

He said he met her in 2004 at a club in Louisiana and ran into her again in February in Pine Bluff where he gave her $25 and allowed her to smoke crack in his car. After she told him she had no place to stay, he said he bought her some clothing and cosmetics. She then performed a sexual act upon him in his car, Theus said in a statement to authorities.

Afterwards, he said, he took her to her boyfriend’s apartment. Her boyfriend got mad at her and she returned to Theus who showed her some “kinky” pictures. They went to Wilmar and engaged in what Theus said was consensual sex that involved duct tape and string that he had purchased in Pine Bluff.

He said he then left the house because he was “so out of her” due to her drinking and drug use, according to his statement to authorities.

Theus, who was arrested for rape and kidnapping and terroristic threatening, pleaded guilty to second-degree sexual assault. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

He will be eligible for parole after serving one-sixth of his 20-year prison sentence.