The following 4H members received awards at the recent 4H B-Day competition at the Bradley County Park:
Back row, from left to right, Macey Camp 1st Junior Bicycle and 3rd Junior BB; Samantha Evans 1st Junior Bait Casting and 1st Junior BB; Jordan Camp 1st Senior BB, 1st Senior Bicycle, 2nd Senior Bait Casting; Ethan Ward 3rd Junior Bait Casting; Tia Mann 1st Senior Bait Casting and 2nd Senior BB; Front row, from left to right: Anna Bolland 1st Cloverbud Bait Casting and 2nd Place BB; Jud Bolland 3rd Cloverbud BB; Delanie Kilpatrick 2nd Junior Baitcasting; Mattie Bolland 2nd Junior BB; and Weston Gavin 1st Cloverbud BB; 1st Cloverbud Bicycle.