2008 File Photo

Alicia Ammons-Smith, convicted of manslaughter in the July 2008 stabbing death of Monticello teen Courtland Jones, will be returning to prison. She pleaded guilty last week to theft of property in connection with a Walmart theft ring in Ashley County.

Ammons-Smith, 24, was on parole when she and a number of co-defendants, including two juveniles, were arrested for stealing costly items at the Crossett Walmart and returning those items for Walmart cash cards.

Ammons-Smith was sentenced to three years in prison followed by an additional 3-year suspended sentence. The other defendants received probation. Tenth Judicial District Prosecutor Thomas Deen said Ammons-Smith received the stiffer sentence because of her previous criminal history. “There is a dead young man in the graveyard because of her,” Deen said.

Ammons-Smith was was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2009 after she was convicted of manslaughter for the July 2008 death of 15-year-old Courtland Jones of Monticello.

She stabbed Jones in the neck following a confrontation between some adults and a group of youths shooting fireworks during a Fourth of July celebration on Robin Hood Drive in Monticello. Jones died on July 6 as a result of the stabbing.

Ammons-Smith became eligible for parole after serving one-sixth (20 months) of the 10-year manslaughter sentence.

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