A 25-year-old Monticello woman who was attacked by a Rottweiler while on her morning walk has been transported to Jefferson Regional Medical Center, according to Monticello Police Chief Eddy Deaton.

Deaton said a Rottweiler belonging to a city employee dug out of its pen Friday morning and attacked the woman, biting her leg numerous times before police arrived and put the dog down. The attack occurred at the intersection of Pope and Cooper streets.

A neighbor who saw the woman being attacked called police. When police arrived, the dog turned on the police officer who shot the dog, according to Deaton.

The woman was transported to Drew Memorial Hospital then transferred to Jefferson Regional Medical Center. Deaton said she has multiple injuries to her leg.

The dog belonged to city garbage truck driver Eric Lucas who kept the dog at a relative’s residence where it was penned, but the dog dug under the pen and escaped, according to Deaton.

Lucas was cited for a number of violations including failure to vaccinate the dog for rabies and violating the city leash law.