Zack Tucker


Zack Tucker, the top vote-getter in Monticello’s 5-way special mayoral election who ultimately lost a runoff with Joe Rogers, issued a statement early Thursday evening saying he is looking forward to the “bright future ahead” and is “eager for November’s Regular Election…”

Tucker, the current mayor’s assistant, came out on top with 39 percent of the vote in the special mayoral election on June 24, but it wasn’t enough to avoid a runoff with former mayor Joe Rogers, the second-place finisher. Rogers ultimately won the July 15 runoff and will serve until December 31, completing the term of the late Allen Maxwell.

Meanwhile, Tucker is gearing up for the November General Election.

Tucker, along with Rogers, Dave Nugent, Sonny Thornhill and Jo Ann Trotter, will be on the ballot in November for the upcoming four-year term for mayor. All but Tucker filed as independents.

In a prepared statement issued two days after the runoff, Tucker thanked his supporters, congratulated all of the special election candidates and said he is “eager” for the November election.

Full text of Tucker’s statement:

I want to thank all my campaign’s supporters; and congratulate all the candidates who ran in this Special Election for their efforts in opening a community-wide conversation on several important municipal issues.


Monticello has seen some major progress over the past years, and much of our community’s hard work and efforts will be rewarded in the next coming weeks with a major jobs announcement.


We have only begun to reach our full potential here in Monticello, I look forward to the bright future ahead and am eager for November’s Regular Election with hopes that we, as a community, can finally continue forward together.